Dunkirk Spirit Group

The Dunkirk Spirit is to be very strong in a difficult situation and refusing to accept defeat.

Our society, our values and our beliefs are under attack, we need to come together and use the Dunkirk Spirit to fight back.

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Fighting Pain Finding Joy Group

LookForPositiveOne of the laws of the universe is that, left to themselves, things automatically become disorganized. Physicists talk about entropy and the tendency of systems to become chaotic. This seems to be true of everything. Think of the charger for your cell phone. You unplug it from the wall and place it in a drawer. Sometime, in the darkness, it manages to wrap itself around the wires of other chargers in the drawer. If there are no other wires to become entangled with, it will make knots and tangles with itself, so that when you remove it, you have to spend some time unknotting it, even though when you put it in the drawer it was not tangled. If you do not have to live by this apparently universal law, the rest of us would like to know your secret.

To overcome the sinister nature of the negative being more powerful, we have consciously to choose to be positive at all times and in all situations. This is very hard, I know from personal experience. The ability to look at the glass as being half-empty is so much easier to do, than to realize it is half-full. This attitude is especially true when dealing with family members. It is more than ever true when dealing with those members of our families who appear to have gone mad. I refer here to teenagers. Attempting to ignore their shouting and rudeness is particularly hard. So is trying to handle their time issues. “In a second” if they want something, had better mean a millisecond. The other way round could well mean three weeks. As the parent, however, it is essential that we act as if they spoke pleasantly and quietly and that they did what we asked quickly. This is unfair, unreasonable, ridiculous and impossible, about the same as the definition for a teenager. It is nevertheless the reality, as those of you who have lived through the teenage years as parents can agree. We have three teenagers at home, one more who is 12 and a five year old, so we can look forward to having teenagers for another 15 years.

Life is full of choices. If I choose to be positive, things do not always turn out the way I want them to, but I can, even then, choose to stay positive because, if I do not look for the positive, my cables will automatically finish off all tangled up. Entropy is the basic law of the universe and there is nothing we can do about, except be protons and stay positive.